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January 29,2012- Would like to start by apologizing for the slow updates. We have been have some serious issues with the website software, which we are going to change. So, yes that will mean a new look for us and hopefully a easier way to keep you posted of the latest of what is happening here and how we can serve you. With all that being said, you can still keep up with or contact us on Facebook or email, and as always I am never to busy to take your calls.

Off the shop business. A lot has been happening in the shop. Everything from bike builds to new part designs. The “Force Feedin’” air cleaner kit has been a great success and has also been redesigned more a better look and performance, as well as greater range of fit to several bikes. And they are still only $270 gloss black. All other colors are available upon request and price may vary depending on color. Working on a chrome version, I will keep you posted of cost.

There is so much to share with you, but not enough time. I have to get back in the shop. In the near future we will be making some changes to also include a much needed purchase page. In mean time, stay safe and keep the sticky side down and above all rember to “CHOP IT ALL”. Thanks for reading.

Hank, Anne & Dawson


October 10, 2012- Want to start by saying thank you to all that participated in our 7th Annual Charity poker run for Kailey Eaton and Meghan Bunn. We raised a total of $5447. To date this is the most we have raised in a single day. Thank you to all of our sponsors and riders, the money is very is very appreciated by the families.

Off to shop business. We just established a new dealership with Jim Nasi Customs. You will be able to contact us for even more of your custom bike part needs.

As for projects in the shop, the hot rod Road King is coming along nicely. Now that things have slowed a bit I can focus more on it. The bike looks amazing. I will be posting a page of this bike. All goes as planned we will be putting one of our new style intakes on this bike, I am still offering the popular Force Feedin’ intake. This is just a step up from it, with a little more attitude.

The Suzuki Trike is still ongoing. As things move forward I will be sure to post it.

The ‘98 Fatboy revamp is looking really good, and sure to be a show winner with some nice clean evil lines as well as a several Widowmaker products.

Unfortunately that is all I have time for right now. Parts to make and bikes to fix. Remember to chop it all and keep the sticky side down.

Thank you for reading.

Hank, Anne & Dawson


September 12,2012 - Has been entirely to long since my last post. Rest assured we are here and kickin’. Things have been nothing short of crazy.

The Widowmaker Force Feedin’ intakes have been a huge success. They proven their place in the market with great performance, looks and fuel economy. This has got to be one of the best bang for your bike products we have ever offered. And like always, they are made by hand, one at a time. Glad to take your orders over the phone or email.

As for things happening in the shop. Have no fear pix are coming. We have had some technical problems through most of the summer with the software for this program. Has been a pain in my ass. However projects are still rolling. The ‘06 Roadking looks amazing. All the new sheetmetal is on it. Now time to put my own products on it. The ‘99 Heritage project looks evil. Gonna be another great ride.

As for the trike, it is ongoing as always. And for the next Widowmaker bike. Pooling ideas now. However this is your chance to own a one off Widowmaker bike. Mushu Suzie is up for sale. I will be selling her for $12,500. Trust me, I have alot more in it. I want to see it out on the road, twisting people’s minds.

Now onto important matters. We are once again hosting our annual charity ride on October the 7th. This year is going to prove to be the biggest yet. The event flyer is on events page. You can also follow the event on Facebook. All the proceeds are going to 2 very needing little girls. One 6 and the other 10. Both with their own cancer. It is a tragic ordeal for the families. And as you know, we want to help. So please come out and support us. Or we are taking donations over the phone, email, or old fashioned snail mail.

Wish I had more time to chat. But, bikes are calling me. Keep the sticky side down. And above all “Chop it all!”.

Thank you for all your support.

Hank, Anne & Dawson


July 13,2012- Been a while since my last update. Things in the shop have been crazy to say the least. LOTS of fab work. Thank you to everyone for you support. This month we will be starting our 10th year in business and looking forward to serving all of you for another 10.

Off to what is going on in the shop. Got some new projects started. Justed started pimping out a ‘06 Roadking, stretched bags, fender, fairing kit, stereo and of course some Widowmaker exhaust, pipes, bars, intake and overall killer attitude. Also on the chopping block is a ‘99 Heritage that is getting attitude. Complete face lift. Gonna be very cool. Work is still progressing on the Suzuki trike. Hoping to have the mock up done soon. Just recently finished the floor boards themselves. Still have to finish up the controls. But looking great. I will be posting pix soon. Just finished up some work on a Kawasaki Vulcan 800 bobber. Ribbed rear fender, relocated the battery, custom 2 into 1 exhaust, strutted and sprung solo seat. It will be returning for some tank work, bars ans intake. Pix are on the “Other cool bikes” page. And as always, have been crazy busy with keeping everyone on the road.

As for WIdowmaker products, our handle bars and intakes are a huge hit. I make all our bars with 1.25” DOM tubing to any spec. This means I will fit them to you. So there is no question if you will like the way they ride. The Force Feedin intakes have proven to be a great gain of performance and attitude. At nearly $100 less than others out there and the elimination of oil slobber on your bike, makes it a no brainer.

Last but not least, we have our new Widowmaker T’s in stock. Killer design for this year. Orange and black. I know I keep saying it, but it will happen sometime soon, we will be adding a products to page so that you can order your favorite Widowmaker parts and clothing. For now, give us a call or shoot me a email and I will personally handle your order.

I am sure there is lots more to share, but it is time to get to work. Look us up on Facebook to get day to day updates and pix of your favorite Widowmaker projects and happenings. Thank you for reading. As always we greatly appreciate your support and following us. Above all Chop it all!

Thank you,

Hank, Anne & Dawson

May 2, 2012- WOW! The shop has been wide open. Spring has sprung and I have been as busy as a one legged man in a ass kicking contest. Between taking care of all our customers needs and coming up with new bike and part ideas. Thank you all so very much for your loyalty and support we are off to another great year.

Got the new shirt designs ready for this year, should have them in stock in a couple of weeks. This years design is one my favorites yet. I know I keep saying it but we will be getting the online store up and rolling. In the mean time feel free to call or email me for your orders.

On to the shop. Been working on the Suzuki trike. Finally got a game plan for the foot controls and have them started, if all goes well I will have them completed by this weekend. If all goes as planned I will be unveiling the bike at the Capital City Bike Fest in September. I believe it will be another crowd favorite.

We have been expanding the fitment of our Force Feedin intake system to more bikes. They have been flying off the shelf. Customers are raving over the styling and performance gains. And our custom handle bars as always a favorite.

Getting ready to start some new projects, ‘06 Road King that will be getting a total facelift. Everything from custom fairing and stereo system to stretched bags, fenders to customer bars, exhaust and intake. Second a ‘99 Heritage that is in need of some serious help from years of neglect. Custom bars, tins, wheels, powder coating, etc. Gonna be a great looking bike. If all goes well, will be bobbing a Vulcan 800. Concaved tank, sprung seat, the works. Last but not least will be the the new Widowmaker poster child. Still trying to get my hands on the SRAD 750. A low slung 140 HP 750 cc fire breather. Should be interesting to say the least.

I have been in works with Power Arc ignitions to help develop a bolt on electronic ignition system for the Honda Goldwing GL1000. If you are not familiar with Power Arc, check them out. They make great products at a more than fair price. By far the best system you can put on your bike, weather it is a Harley or a small block 350.

Time is running short and I need to get in the shop. As always feel free to call or email me with your questions about us and our products or any suggestions you might have. Have a great day all. Remember to “chop it all” and above all keep the sticky side down.

Thank you for reading.

Hank, Anne & Dawson


Febuary 20,2012- Time is flying by. Spring is just around the corner and everybody has kept my busy with projects to get ready for the spring. Everything from tires and services to bike face lifts. As always I would like to say thank you to all of our loyal customers, new and old.

January was a great month. We took Mushu Suzie to the Easy Rider show in Charolette NC. Brought home a third place in the radical class. Proof that you can compete with a budget built bike and do well. As the weather gets more stable I will be making time to get her ready to be sold. So if you are looking for something different, this just maybe you.

As for other happenings in the shop. The trike is on the lift awaiting my much needed attention. I am finishing up the face lift on a ‘06 Kawasaki Mean Streak. It is sporting some Widowmaker apes, Widowmaker exhuast, Widowmaker Force Feedin intake and a set of Widowmaker struts. Green wheels, pinstriped by Zack at ZMCC. The stock head light removed with the stock gauges as well as the front brakes shaved. Of course it would not be complete with out the removal of the chrome and some green header tape.

So now that means we can offer our intakes for you Mean Streaks, Honda Stateline’s and Harley’s. As well as one off bars, exhaust, or just about what ever you would like.

As soon as work progresses on the trike, I will be starting one of the new bikes soon. So keep posted to keep up with the happenings of your favorite bikes.

As always we are very interested in what you have to to say or think so please do not hesitate to give us your thoughts and opinions.

That is all I have time for now. Check the “Other cool bikes” page for pics of the Meanstreak. You can also follow us on Facebook for updated pix and shop info.

Remember to “Chop it ALL!”. Keep the sticky side down. Be safe out there people. Thank you for reading.

Hank, Anne & Dawson 


January 5,2012- Been a while since last update. I would first like to start by welcoming everyone to 2012 and Happy New Year.  Things were pretty crazy around here this fall. The Christmas season and all. Did my annual shop clean up from top to bottom as well as gladly  taking caring of all of you. 2011 was a GREAT year and we look forward to 2012.

With all of that being said, I have been thinking long and hard about the shop and how we are received by all of you. So, as always we look forward to what you have to say and what you think. I want to know what your likes and dislikes are with us. Good and bad. What we should keep doing and what you wold like to see change or areas we could be better at serving you. Things you would like to see us focus more on. Types of builds you would like to see, items developed. Whatever. I want to hear from you. You can send me a anonymous letter or email or even contact me by phone. You do not have to tell me your name. We are here for you and because of you and your continued support. I welcome all of your input.

O.k., enough with that crap. Down to business. We have some pretty exciting stuff coming up. With everything from another Mean Streak face lift featuring our bars, Force Feedin intake, struts and removal some of that shinny chrome. Working on the Suzuki Trike seeing the light of day again, as well as some new projects. A Suzuki SRAD 750 crotch rocket powered Widowmaker sled and a Yamaha Seca 600 that is to get a new lease on life. Not a fast bike, I am sure I can give it some mind bending looks.

Back to the Suzuki trike. We are down to the nuts and bolts of it as far as mock up goes. Finish the chin fairing, find and make a home for the foot  brake, clutch and throttle controls and the drive shaft. Doesn’t sound like much when you put it like that, but when all the parts are to be made, a touch more time consuming. 

Working on getting some new shop equipment. Another english wheel, air hammer for shaping. In the past I had done all of the sheet metal work with nylon hammers and a beater bag. So hopefully this will save some time.  A 4 foot metal brake, metal sheer. Recently added a new scan tool to trouble shoot  Honda’s to Harley’s.

We are always taking orders for hoodies, long and short sleeve shirts and work shirts. The hoodies run $30 (heavy duty), long sleeve “t’s “ $15, short sleeve $12 and the work shirts $25.

Well, it is time to get in the shop and get to work. Remember, CHOP IT ALL! As always keep the sticky side down. Thank you for reading.

Hank, Anne & Dawson


November 30,2011- Well it is time again for another update. I apologize for the slow updates. Things at the shop have been CRAZY! NOT a bad thing, just makes it hard to make time to keep everyone posted. I want to express our appreciation to all of you that continue to follow us, We are going strong with about 45k hits a month on here. You all are amazing.

On to the latest happenings of the shop. The ‘54 Harlye Servicar is finally DONE! Great experience. It was a new challenge and we came out on top. The Suzuki trike is parked on the lift and will stay there until completed. Talked to Easy Rider yesturday and we will be showing Mushu Suzie in the upcomoing Easy Rider show in Charolette NC on Jan 21st-22nd. Please come out and check it out. We will be floating around so I will be available for any of your questions. Last time we showed we took a fourth with Plan B and got invited to the nationals in Ohio and took a 4th there.

Our “Force Feedin’ “ intake systems have been a huge success. Customers reporting back with throttle response gains, overall horse power gains and increased fuel of an average of 16-20 miles to the tank. Let us Force feed your ride.

Have a new patient to be cut on. We are going to bring out some attitude in a 1600 Kawasaki Mean Streak. I will be posting pix from beginning to end. This will be a good example of a popular budget job that will turn heads and make people ask “What is that?”.

Looking at building a new Widowmaker bike. I am looking for some input from you all. We would like to hear from you. We want to know what you want to see. A Triumph, Honda, Harley? Tell us what you like and we may be contacting you to build some of what you like!

It is time to get back in the shop and burn some steel. Remember to chop it all! And above all Keep the shinny side up . Thank you for reading. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Hank, Anne & Dawson


October 22, 2011- We are finally back on line. I am very sorry for the delay in updates of what are doing here. I had some software problems that are now fixed. I just have to take the time to get in and make the needed corrections on the site itself.

Anyhow, enough of that crap. Our 6th Annual Widowmaker Charity ride went off with out a hitch. We raised $4000.00 dollars! It was amazing. We had 85 bikes with over 100 people. I have to give a huge thanks to Park East Sales for sponsoring the ride this year. Also to Chris Young owner of Flooring By Design for his generous actions. And a huge round of thanks to everyone that participated.

As always, big things happening in the shop. Always doing, cutting and creating. I am in a time crunch right now. So I will save all the details til next time.

I do have one last note. I am sad to say that we have lost Britt as a much appreciated tech in the shop. He has decided to move in a different direction of employment. You will probably still see him from time to time in the shop helping me on upcoming builds I am sure. We would like to wish him luck.

Time to roll back into the shop. Have a great day all. Keep the sticky side down. And above all “CHOP IT ALL”.

Thank you for reading.

Hank, Anne & Dawson

September 6, 2011- I would like to start by saying thank you to all of you for following us on here and Facebook. I apologize for the delayed info earlier summer. Sometimes the technical side of things (the dam computer) can cause mass amounts of problems.

Onto bigger things. We have been rolling hard in the shop. Finally got the last couple of bugs worked out of “Mushu Suzie”. Had to get rid of the piece of crap internal throttle and upgrade the fuel pump and pressure regulator. Looks very cool. We have been getting our bagger ape hangers out there with rave review. We also started doing our “Force Feedin’ “ intakes for ‘08 and later HD’s. Getting reports back of increased throttle response and fuel mileage.

We getting all the details nailed down for our 6th annual charity poker run. We have decided to give back locally this year. All of our proceeds (ALL of the money donated and taken in the day of the ride) this time will be going to Austin Bowes of Roxboro NC. He is a 8 year old little boy who was struck by a car while riding his bicycle. A tragic accident. He is doing much better. He suffered a fractured 3rd vertebrae in his neck, as well as other broken and cracked bones. He finally was able to walk on his own again this past Friday. He is in Charlotte now in rehab. He was able to get a little time outside on Sunday for the first time in a while.

As you all know we have a huge weakness here for kids, and we love to help when we can. Our followers and motorcycle riders in general are some the greatest and most genuine people I have had the pleasure to meet. I know you will come out and support us in this effort to help Austin and his family in this time of need. I understand the economy has hit us all hard, that is what makes us great people when it comes time to help children in need.

The specifics of the poker run, it is going to be held on October 16th. As always we will have music, food, t-shirts for all the riders, door prizes and a 50/50. Above all a chance to meet some new fellow riders. As for those that may not be able to make the ride and would still like to donate. You can do that by contacting myself at 336-364-8535 or email at nitetrain74@earthlink.net , or via Facebook. If you make a $20 dollar donation I will ship you one of the poker run t-sthirts. I will be glad to take credit/debit card donations over the phone or email.  As the specifics of the ride are hashed out I will update on here as well as the Widowmaker Facebook page   www.facebook.com/#!/WidowmakerCustomDesign.  I try to post on the Facebook page on a daily basis.

I have to close this update for now, time to get to work and keep all of you happy and riding. Time to burn some steel and fix bikes. As always “Chop it all!” . Keep the sticky side down. Thank you for reading.

Hank, Anne, Dawson & Britt


August 8, 2011- As you have noticed the web site has not been updated in a while. Reason being we were having software issues that we finally got resolved. But we are back. I appreciate of all you and your patience in this matter. There are still some things that still need to fixed. We will get them resolved. The new pix from Roxanne and Mushu Suzie are posted. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

New happenings in the shop, in a nut shell a LOT! We started offering apes for baggers with rave reviews. Also now offering our Force Feedin intakes for ‘08 and later FL’s and HD trikes.

I have been asked when we are doing our annual poker run. It is looking like we are going to be doing it in October this year. As I get things hammered out, I will pass that info on.

As you have noticed our sale page is currently down. I am taking orders over the phone as well as email. The merchandise page will be back.

You can now follow us on Facebook. So check us out on there and just click the “like” button and you can the daily going on’s in the shop.

We are looking to attend the “Gold Rush” bike in Wilmington NC in 2 weeks also the “Gentlemans Club” bike show in Raleigh NC on Sept. 10th. As well as showing at the Capital City Bike Fest on Sept 25th in Ralegh NC. And the Rolling Thunder bike show in Franklinton NC on Oct 2nd. So come out and see us. We are looking for to getting out to some shows.

That is all I have for you at this moment. Keep the shiney side up and the sticky side down. As always “CHOP IT ALL”

Thank you for reading.

Hank, Anne, Dawson and Britt

July 3, 2011- Hope everyone is having a great summer and getting out and riding. Lots has been going on in the shop.

For beginners, “Mushu Suzie” is complete! I have taken her out for a couple short rides. Still have to do some dialing in, but all and all ready to ride. Hopefully you will see her at a show near you. Check out her gallery to see completed pix.

“Roxanne” is getting ready to be complete in the next week. She is going to be low, mean and dirty. Just a couple of misc. things and she will be rolling.

The ‘54 Servicar is coming to a close. It has brought a lot of interesting stories of “When I was a kid”, or “I used drive one of these”. Once it is complete the Suzuki trike WILL go on the lift and not come off until it is DONE.

The merchandise page is up and rolling. Make sure you check it out. We have our Widowmaker shirts on there, handle bars, intakes. We have it set up with Paypal so that you can make your purchases securely.

Well, that is all have at this moment. We have just been running wide open in the shop. I have thoroughly enjoyed. Get on your scooters and come by and say “Hi”.

Remember to keep the shiny side up and the sticky side down, and above all, “CHOP IT ALL”

Thank you for reading.

Hank, Anne, Dawson & Britt

May 30, 2011- Happy Memorial Day to all of you. Especially to ALL our troops. A heart felt thank you goes out to all of them for what they do and have done. We hope for a safe and joyful celebration to all

Now, down to it. As you know we have been hard at getting “Mushu Suzie” done. We are done, short of some tuning and ignition issues to be resolved. But other than that, she is complete. And let me assure you, she is nothing short of amazing. The machine work, the paint and powder coat. All perfect. I owe a huge thanks to Dean Oberaker for the amazing machine work, Bernard Warren for the amazing paint and body work on the gas tank and last but not least, amazing powder coating by Tom at Carolina Custom Powder Coating. Come and see the newest creation first hand at the Chase City bike Rally on June 10-11. We hope to see you all there. We will be vending with our new 2011 Widowmaker shirts, and hopefully some samples of our new products.

As for the rest of the shop, we have been WIDE OPEN! With everything from tires and services to engine swap outs and bike face lifts. Looks like things are leveling off a little now, so we can get back to finishing Roxanne and the Suzuki Trike and coming up with killer new products for you all to enjoy.

That is all I have time for right now, thank you all very much for following and reading. I greatly appreciate it and all the support each of you have given us over the years.

So remember to keep the sticky side down and the shiny side up. As always above all “CHOP IT ALL”.

Thank you,

Hank, Anne, Dawson & Britt

April 10, 2011- WOW! Time flies when you are burning steel. I apologize to everyone for not updating you all sooner. Things have been CRAZY! The weather broke and we have been full tilt since. We have some really exciting stuff happening.

For starters, and probably the most exciting. It looks like we will be on TV in the near future. I can’t give out all the details just yet. Mostly because I have not been told all the ins and outs yet. But as I do know I will be sure to keep everyone posted.

Down to business. We have added a new page to the web site. This page is going to be for showcasing the bikes that we do, that are not a complete build. It is for stock bikes that we get the factory off of. These bikes generally feature a lot of products and overall Widowmaker style on a mostly factory bike. So, check it out. Give us some feedback. Let us know what you like or don’t like, or maybe what you might like to see. I am always willing to listen to what anyone has to suggest.

One of our hottest new products is finally ready. I mentioned it before. It has been received with rave reviews. It is the Widowmaker “Force Feedin’ “ intake. And yes, I am going to post pix of it on the “Other Bikes”, page. It is proving to be a great performance add on, as well some serious attitude. With out a doubt, it is a Widowmaker design. It is ready for sale (made to order, I am trying to keep some on hand). They are available for CV Carb and Delphi fuel injected Big Twin Harley’s and CV carb Sporties. Other models and bikes coming. I have made them for the 2010 Honda Stateline (see it on the new page) and for the Suzuki M109. When they are ready for sale, I will let you know.  We are taking orders now for the HD version. It is retailing for $250.00 with out the rain sock (rain sock is available, it is $40.00). It comes in raw or gloss black. I am working on a chrome version. But not available yet. I can get it powder coated in other colors upon request, however it will alter the price slightly. We are working on getting our purchase page up and running, so in the mean time just call or drop me a email and I can get all your info. And we can get it out to you.

Onto the bikes, Mushu Suzie is looking HOT! Hopefully be going to paint in the next week. It is going to be amazing. We are going to finish up the gas tank today. Then all that is left is the oil cooler and taillight, and hand controls. I have finally nailed the colors down, she is gonna be parkerized grey, gloss black and blood red. Low, dark and evil. I have some fresh pix for you also. So check her out. Don’t forget to come and see us unveil her at the “Chase City Bike Rally” in Chase City Va, on June 10-11.

We are getting ready to start rapping up Roxanne. She is gonna dirty and raw. I like it. Maybe to return in the future once her colors are chosen. For now she needs be ridden.

As for the trikes is in my life, hopefully the ‘54 HD Servi-car will gone soon. Just got to put the trans in and get the right carb and get it done. As for the Suzuki trike, my goal is to have it done for the Ray Price Capital City Bike Fest. That is putting a lot on myself, but I WANT to see it done. Hopefully, it will a come together.

Last but most not least. We have a new face in the Widowmaker shop family. Well, maybe not totally new, but he deserves to be announced. Britt, has been with us for about a year now and has become part of the family here. He shares the same goals, twisted ideas and work ethics that we strive for and our customers have come to expect and deserve.

Also, I almost forgot. You can now follow us on Facebook. Come and like us on Facebook and get your Widowmaker fix quicker.

Remember, keep the sticky side down and the shiny side up. And above all “Chop it ALL”. 

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to check out the new page, “Other Bikes”.

Hank, Anne, Dawson & Britt         

Feb 24, 2011 - Holy crap, time has flown by! The shop has been wide open. I am sorry for taking so long to give all of you a update. I just have not had time. I have been busy creating and just trying to keep up with demand. I am so very greatful to have all of you as customers and friends. So thank you everyone for making us what we are.

Now down to business. As I said before, things have been jumping. I have not had much time for my own, I am afraid Mushu Suzie has been getting stuck to the side a little. But I do have some fresh pix. The Suzuki Trike now has a fresh new exhaust. Totally hot rod style. Roxanne is getting ready to move into her final stage of beautification. I am wrapping up the Meanstreak. I just waiting on the machine work.

Our new intake is final on the street. The first one went out yesturday. I am just waiting on performance feedback. It is a completely different set up than where you find anywhere else. It is all complete with a K&N filter, 2” intake pipe, carb/throttle body support made to it, topped off with aircraft fittings for the breather lines. Super clean. And I am able to offer it for $240.00 powder coated gloss black. I know what you are thinking, what the hell does it look like. In my rush to get my customer rolling, I did not take any pix yet. But I will be SOON. And they will be posted ASAP. They will be available to order.

Do not forget we do offer service  and repair work. I mention this, because we are having a special starting in March. We will be giving away 2010 design Widowmaker shirts away with each service. I have limited sizes and quanities. So, first come, first serve. So come and see us and get yours.

Well, I must get to slinging wrenches and burning steel. As always keep the sticky side down and ABOVE ALL, “CHOP IT ALL”.

Thank you for reading,

Hank, Anne & Dawson

January 12, 2011 - WOW! 2011, can you believe it? We all survived another year. Here at the shop we have some exciting things happening. Some new rides getting ready to hit the pavement. Some new products being introduced on Roxanne and Mushu Suzie. New intake designs on both. New handle bar and oil tanks. I have been bending my on mind trying not to disappoint with Mushu Suzie for the up coming show at Chase City VA where she will be making her first appearance. She is sitting only 2” off the ground with a 13” seat height, runnig a 18” leaf spring front end with a phat 250 rear tire. It all being topped off with a dual Hyper Charger set up for the intakes.

As always I am coming up with new stuff. I have developed my own Force Winder style intake and breather system for Harley’s that combines the intake and carb/throttle body support to the intake. I am going to be able to offer this system at a fraction of the cost.

I am almost complete with punking out a ‘02 Kawasaki Mean Streak. It is has a new one off 2 into 1 exhaust with a 4” tip, 18” Widowmaker apes, 9” struts in the rear, one off rear fender, pegs and off coarse all powder coated black.

As promised the Suzuki trike is seeing lift and welders again. Hopefully it will entering the final stages of mock up soon. I am in need of a name for her. So please email with your ideas.

That is all I have time for now. Keep tuned to stay updated with all that we are doing.

As always “Chop it ALL!” Please be safe and keep the shiny side up.

Thank you for reading,

Hank, Anne & Dawson

December 24,2010 - Merry Christmas to all of you . I would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Christmas. We would like to give  thanks to all of you out  there that have become part of the Widowmaker family by supporting us at events and giving us your input  and just being great friends and customers. From us to all of you God Bless and have wonderful Christmas.

Hank, Anne & DawsonDecember 12 2010-  Holy crap, it is almost Christmas already. WOW We hope that you and yours are great! We wish the VERY best for everyone. We are gearing up for the Christmas season here. Time to clear the shop and do a top to bottom cleaning. It is in much need with the crazy past year. We are very thankful and greatful of all our customers and friends. New and old. We have seen the birth of some new amazing Widowmaker bikes and products and the passing (or selling) of  “Plan-B”. It was a shop favorite. It had that WTF factor from one end to the other. Though with great endings comes great beginnings. Such as the birth of “Mushu Suzie”. Everyone knows I loved “Plan-B”. This new bike is even wilder than before. Longer, lower, maybe faster, wilder and even more one off items. She is ALL Widowmaker. Alot of new designs for us. Still had to stick with my expanded metal seat. Everyone looks at them with sore butt on the brain. But those that ride them know it is in the shape. I am afraid to say though, that the only way you will be able to see her is to come by. Since we are in competition with other shops, we do not want to show our ideas to soon. But I will put sneak peak shots from time to time on here. Anyhow, enough of that. Onto more important things like the Suzuki Trike and the new Sporty build , known as “Roxanne”. Lets start with “Roxanne”. She is boasting some new designs. For starters, a 3 tank oil bag system. Exclusively by us. Holds 3.5 quarts, and will keep the oil temp down with ease. New Low-Blow Widowmaker handlebars for springers. Also a new seat design, well it is still expanded metal but, I am designing a detachable passanger seat and sissy bar exclusively for this build. But I still have plans for the one off exhaust. But it is almost done. I have a  few more things and it will be ready for paint and some much needed engine mods. Looking for triple digits  out of third gear. It is going to be low mean and nasty. As for the trike. I got the new Super Trapp mufflers in. I also picked up some master cylinders for the rear brakes. Things are coming together nicely. Still pushing forward. Proving to be a VERY cool bike. As usual we are staying steady with taking care of all our clients.

As I come to a close with this, remeber to come by and pick up your new “Full Throttle” calendar featuring us in the month of October. Also wer are taking orders for “Widowmaker” Hoodies, work shirts and hats. Also we do offer gift certificates for those hard to buy friends and family.  Remember, above all- “Chop it ALL!”. Keep the shiny side up and the sticky side down.

We wish all of you a VERY safe and happy Christmas season. We wish all our troops abroad a safe trip home or atleast a safe one and know that we here are greatful for all that you do and have done.

Thank you for all your support,

Hank, Anne & Dawson


                                                                                                             November 18, 2010- WOW! November already. Where did the summer go? The summer has been just a blur of family, friends and bikes. The birth of a new Widowmaker bike, the rebirth of my “Train”, the continuation of the trike and the beginning of what is going to be some bad ass bikes. Roxanne and Mushu Suzie are going to be amazing and in true Widowmaker style.

The Suzuki Intruder trike has gotten some much needed attention. I just got the 10” Supertrap mufflers for it, and the beginning of a lot more engineering starts. I love my job.

Roxanne, she is looking amazing. The rear section is done and now to the fun stuff. Fabbing, cutting and welding. I have new oil tank design that will be new on this bike. Pictures coming real soon.

Ohhhh Mushu Suzie, she is going to be amazing. I got the frame done this week. As you may already know, I am building this bike for the Chase City bike rally Biker Build off. So I am sorry to say that I will not be posting but just a few sneak peaks as the build goes. When the bike debuts, I want to frazzle the competitions peanut. As you all know I sold “Plan-B”. So this one has to be even wilder, crazier and just way on the other end of reality. I am trying to get even beyond my realm of unusual. If you are in the area come by and see.

As for the shop, things are great. The Widowmaker ape hangers are a hit. I just fitted a Kawasaki Meanstreak with them. 17” tall, gloss black, looking. At the same time I am making 9” struts, crazy rear fender and  a 2 into one exhaust. Punking it out. I will be posting pics. I am also planning on starting new page for bikes we do that feature alot of our work and products, not just one off builds.

That is all I have for now. We have started a Facebook page, come and see us.

As always keep the shiny side up and the sticky side down. And above all “Chop it All”

Thank you for reading.

Hank, Anne & Dawson

October 24, 2010,  Just a couple of quick things today. We have been busy getting back to some of the projects. Just added new pix of the trike. The seat and chin fairing are done. Looking good. May still make changes to the fairing. Anyhow, it is back on the lift. Along with Roxanne. No pix today. But they are coming. Also the new Widowmaker bike, “Mushu Suzie”, it started life as a ‘83 Kawasaki GPZ 750. It has already gone from a running bike to a pile of potential. Pix of her will be added very soon.

That is all I have for now. I will be posting again real soon with more pix. As always, keep the sticky side down and above all

“Chop it ALL”

Thank you for reading

Hank, Anne & Dawson

October 6  2010, Another Widowmaker bike is born. The Moto Guzzi is complete and already earned its first trophy this past weekend at the Capital City Bikefest. Thank you to Dale Vanderpool for the chance to do this for you.  I thoroughly enjoyed everyone trying to figure out what it was. The “Train” and the Suzuki M-109 also brought home trophies. A great weekend for us. I would like to say thank you Bernard Warren for the amazing paint work on the Guzzi and the Train. Thank you to Tom at Carolina Custom Powdercoating for a terrific job on the paint work on the Guzzi and the M-109. Yes, pix of hte M-109 are coming. I am waiting for the customer to bring it back so that I may be able to snap some shots of it. Now, to start making time for trike! I am ready to see it done. As well as the new bike “Roxanne”, and the new Widowmaker bike that I am building for the Chase City Rally biker build off. I have some big shoes to fill with that bike since I have sold “Plan-B”. I have some HUGE plans for it. Stay tuned. The next few months are going to be long ones.

That is all I have for now. I will be bringing more info to you all as I get further along. Thank you for reading and supporting us. As always “Chop It All” and keep the shiny side up.

Thank you,

Hank, Anne & Dawson

  September 13, 2010- I would like to start by saying thank you to everyone that attended our ride yesterday. It was a huge success. We raised $1685.00 that we will be donating to UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer center in the name of William Bunn. I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate everyone’s willingness to give. I am so very proud to know such great people. We hosted it, but the guests we had, made it. Thank you again to ALL of you. I would like to also say thank you to all our sponsors. Our sponsors were MIMS Distributing, Advance Auto (of Butner NC), Fastenal (of Butner), Dean Oberaker (my machinist), Carolina Custom Powder Coating (I use exclusively), Foxes Suzuki (of Roxboro NC), Marilyn’s Optical Shop (of Durham NC), J & D Custom Cycles (of Apex NC), Raleigh Ice Plex, Triangle Cycles (of Durham NC), Long Beverage, Matco Tools (Brad Milam, my local rep), Patric Murphy (artist, shirt design), Firehead Sports (of Durham), Daisy Head is Dead (the Band), Big Daddy’s Country Club, Crazy Shots, Floppy’s (our stops), our local Shriners Group.

I would also like to add a special thanks to some special people that just made donations. Gary Wilkins, Jay Harris, Shriners and the band. They played Saturday night and donated what was brought in at the door. And they also donated their time to play on Sunday and helped m/c.

Congrats to Timmy Brooks for the best hand, having a full house. He donated his winnings to the charity. Robert Misselhorn, for worst hand a 9 high. Also donating to the charity. The 50/50 winner donating his winnings to the charity.

We had a total of 54 bikes and 1 rail buggy, and the Widowmaker family rocked the ‘57 Chevy. We had beautiful ride through the country for about 90 miles. We started at Big Daddy’s in Moriah. Made our way to Crazyshots in Hillsborough. Were we were treated to a buffet of sandwiches, Tiny’s famous chili, chips, dip. Smiles and great service.  Headed from there to Floppy’s in Olive Hill, we were treated to the sounds of J.O.B.. A killer band. Great service and warm smiles.  Returning to Big Daddy’s. The Shriners gave their day cooking for us all a great meal of b-b-q chicken, new potatoes, string beans and bread. We raffled off our door prizes, 50/50, announced the hand winners and did our beer chugging contest. The contest proved to be very entertaining. We gave away a Widowmaker mug to each winner. Then we rocked out to the sounds of Daisy Head is Dead. They rocked it out. Thank you guys.

I totally enjoyed the day. The people were great and the weather was perfect. I was able to walk around a talk to everyone and got to know some great people even better. I had one person share some amazing info with me. Our ride was her birthday party. She asked her friends and husband to come to our ride and donate what they would have spent on her to the charity through our ride. That REALLY blew me away. I was and still am so very blessed to know such amazing people.

I would like to wrap up with a couple of special thanks to my beautiful wife Anne. With out her, I just could not have done it. My father and mother in law, for all of their help and support. Britt, Patric and VROD. They worked their butts off all day taking up my slack so that I could meet and greet. Without these people we would have been lost.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to doing it again next year. I would also like to say to any of you that attended please email or call me with any suggestions for next time. Let me know what you did like or did not like. Keep the sticky side down and above all, “CHOP IT ALL”.

Thank you,

Hank, Anne & Dawson

                                                                                              September 12, 2010 - Good morning all.  The rain has moved on out.  Let’s ride!!  See you at Big Daddy’s, Crazy Shots and or Floppy’s.

Registration begins at 12:00 Last Bike out at 1:00 

Big Daddy’s: 7274 Helena Moriah Road, Rougemont, NC 27572

Thank you  in advance for the support. 


Hank Anne & Dawson

September 11, 2010- Time is here for our 5th annual charity ride. Come and hang out with us tonight at Big Daddy’s and preview the bands. We will be having our event rain or shine. If the weather is to bad we will have a in house event. We have 150 chicken plates and 150 t-shirts to give away and raffle prizes, and above all great cause to support. I can’t wait to see everyone there. So please call with any questions. Thank you for all the support. Keep the shiny side up and above all “Chop it all”. Be safe.                                                                                                                                                                           Hank, Anne & Dawson                                                                                                                                                                                      September 6, 2010,  Well time draws near. Our 5th annual charity poker run is almost upon us. This one may prove to be our biggest. We have door prizes, bands, b-b-q chicken. It is gonna be a great time. And above all a great cause. All of the proceeds will be donated to pediatric cancer research in William Bunn’s name. Hopefully we will get to see many of you there. I do have to add that the first batch of fliers were missing some very important info, the time to meet. We will be starting registration at 12 noon to 1:00 pm. All the new fliers and info on this site have been corrected.                                                      Now that we have that taken care of. Down to business. The Moto Guzzi is all but done. Cranked it this week. I am planning for it to be done for the Capital city bikefest. I am planning on attending with it and my Nighttrian. Getting geared up to start back on the trike. Did some work on the rear end this week. Also have to divide up my time with Roxanne, and our newest victim the ‘83 Kawasaki GPZ750 - a.k.a.- “Mushu Suzuie”. Things have been crazy in the shop, so the projects have slow moving. I have been buay keeping everyone on the road. But back the grind stone or in my case the English Wheel and beater bag. Thank you for reading. As always keep the sticky side down and above all “Chop it all”.                                                                                                                                                                                        Thank you,                                                                                                 Hank, Anne & Dawson                                                                                                                                                                                  September 1, 2010 - Well, Anne is starting her own Blog.  Check it out on our listing at www.localedge.com.  I look forward to seeing her point of view, I think.  LOL

August 11th 2010-Hello everybody. Wanted to let everyone know we are gearing up for our 5th annual charity poker run to be held September 12th. We are doing it in honor of William Bunn. All money raised will be donate to pediatric cancer research in his name. As always we will have bands, food, t-shirts, door prizes, 50/50. It is going to be a great time. We hope to see some of you there. As things come along I will be posting more info.

As for the shop, we have been busy keeping all of our new and loyal customers on the road. Barely making any time for projects. We do now have a new bike ready to put under the plasma cutting knife. It is a ‘83 Kawasaki GPZ 750. I got it as my donor bike for the biker build off for the Chase City bike rally in July of next year. As the job moves along, I will be posting a page of the build. I just recently sold Plan-B, so I have to build something even more wild to take its place. As for our other on going projects, they are moving along nicely. The Moto Guzzi is nearing completion and the trike is looking good. Roxanne our Germany bound bike is showing great potential. As always we are coming up with new products and designs. Have gotten our 2 into 1 V-Star exhaust about perfected.

That is all I have time for now. Keep the sticky side down and the as always, “Chop it ALL”. Thank you for reading and following our work.

Hank, Anne & Dawson

July 6th 2010- What a weekend. Supposed to be a celebration of  freedom and a time of joy. But as you already know we had to lay a terrific man to rest. And I do mean man, at only 8 years old he had the wisdom, courage and zest for life that we all are still trying to find everyday. I speak of young William Bunn. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful service. A day filled with deep sorrow. As some of you know we have had rumors to do another poker run for William. Due to what has happened we are now looking to do one to raise money and make a donation  to the family or cancer research in his name. I personally could not imagine such a tragic loss. As it all gets worked out we will  post details.

Ok, now off to some fun stuff. I finally got the Nightrain DONE. And it is nothing short of amazing. Bernard Warren did an intense real flame paint job. Candy emerald green on gloss black. MANY layers of flames. He makes my work look GOOD. New Widowmaker apes, new Widowmaker 2 into 1 exhaust, that talks shit! And of course a jockey shift. The only thing that appears to be missing is my traditional bottle opener. I did not think of it until now. We WILL have to fix that. But in the mean time enjoy the pix. Also, the M109 face lift; more work on the Dirty Needle Intruder 1500. As well as, several other projects, to include the Suzuki trike, Moto Guzzi and Germany bound Widowmaker chopper.

Also, we just officially took our first Widowmaker exhaust order to go to Norway.  Plus, I just checked the the web site stats and last month we had over 53,000 page views. I mean, HOLY SHIT! I feel the love. Thank you to all  that come to see what we do and read my blabber. I truly love my job and look forward to doing it EVERYDAY! With that, as always keep the sticky side down, and by all means


Thank you for reading,

Hank, Anne & Dawson                                                       

July 1, 2010 - It is with great sorrow that I tell you William Bunn lost his battle with cancer this morning at 4:22 am.  Many of you will remember William, we hosted a Poker Run for him two years ago.  He was six at the time and had been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer.  William has taught me a lot over the last few years.  Things I will carry in my heart forever.  Please keep William’s family in your thoughts as they prepare to deal with their loss.  We will be closed on Saturday to celebrate William’s life and mourn our loss.

Anne, Hank & Dawson

May 17, 2010-  I wanna start by saying wow. What a great rally. Hats off to Ron and Kathy  for hosting great local event. I personally would like to say I had a great time. I hope to be able to do it again. I would like to say thank you to all of you that attended. Everything went off without a hitch. We will be adding pix of the event and also pix of the best of show trophy I made. Also I would like to say thank you to my buddies “Rebel Son” for putting on a killer show.

Anyhow down to business. Things are going great here. I am greatful to all of you for all your support and interest in what we do here. I am making some cool new stuff. And finally the new Widowmaker shirts are in. And they are for sale. Get yours while they last. And we officially have 4 new sets of handle bars for sale. I will be putting them on the merchandise page. I have made them all for all brands of bikes. Also I finally got my Night Train on the site. Check out the bars and exhaust. New pix coming. Also check out Roxanne. She will be deported to GERMANY when finished.

That’s all I have for now, or atleast all I have the time for. Keep posted I will be adding things as fast as I am shown how to do it. I am a gear head NOT a computer person. I thank you for your patience with my learning curve. As ALWAYS keep it shinny side up and sticky side down. “Chop it all!”

Thank you,

Hank, Anne,& Dawson                                                                              May 3, 2010- Hello everyone. Thank you for following. I have finally added some new pix of the Moto Guzzi and the V-Star. More pix coming. Things have been VERY crazy. We are down to the count down to the Tobacco Ally Rally this weekend. I hope alot of you can make it. I am making a one off best of show trophy. We were there this weekend. It is gonna be GREAT. I do not have alot of time right now. But I have alot of new stuff to share with everyone. It will be coming soon, on the next up date. Pix of my Softtail, the new chopper, already named Roxanne and so really cool new stuff I have been making for the M109. Stay posted and I will bring it all to you very soon.

Thank you for reading and as always, sticky side down. Chop it all.

Thank you,

Hank, Anne & Dawson

April 12, 2010- As always, thank you for following us. We are extremely excited to announce that we are going global. I am in the process of building a new drop seat bike to be shipped to Germany. As for the other builds, coming along nicely. The Moto Guzzi is now back from paint and rolling. Looks incredible. The trike is blowing minds with the designs and getting down to some of the final fab work. And I am proud to say I am now working on my own ride. My Nighttrain, killer new ape hanger design, exhaust, paint, jockey shift and of course more black. I will be adding pix of all of these soon. Also some killer new products on our project Suzuki M109. I will be adding pix of all these great bikes soon.

Now to sad news. The Widowmaker family lost a great man last evening. My grandfather, 78 years of age passed last night after a long fight with cancer. He will be greatly missed. My thoughst and prayers go out to all of you that have ever had to fight this battle or that may be going through this horrrible thing now.

                          R.I.P Glenn Thibodeau,  1932-2010                                    

    To all of you have a blessed day and as always keep the shinny side  up and the sticky side down. And chop it all.                                       

    Thank you for reading,

    Hank, Anne & Dawson


                         March 10, 2010 - Hello everybody. I would like to start by saying thank you to all of you that keep coming back and referring new people. We have a lot of new things coming up. The Widowmaker Ape Hangers are a HIT! Get yours, they are coming with rave reviews. I just made a set for another Sporty and for a Nighttrain. They were both killer when I got done. One was done with all satin black powder coat on the bars, trees, lower legs and spoked wheels. The Train was done in gloss black on the bars and trees. The bars looked KILLER at a awesome 17”. I also have starting putting the newest Widowmaker bars on other bikes. They debuted on the Suzuki trike, I am calling them Widowmaker Kickbacks. Super killer look and super killer style. I am doing a Suzuki M109 with them now. Pix are coming soon, as always.

As far as the bikes go, the Moto Guzzi is off to paint and powder coat. The trike is making headway. And we have a new victim on the chopping block. A cute ‘94 883 Sporty, going into a drop seat, 4” under springer front end Pro street chopper frame with a 210 back tire. It will be sick. This bike is being built for one of our great fearless soldiers now stationed in Germany. So when I am done, Widowmaker will officially be international! Spreading the good word of Chop. That is all I have for now. ‘Til next time, keep the sticky side down and the shinny side up. And by all means, “Chop It All”.

Thank you,

Hank, Anne & Dawson


February 1, 2010  WOW! January has flown by. I am very excited to tell you all that the Moto Guzzi is on its way to being taken apart for paint. I will be starting that task soon. And the trike has seen MANY new additions; such as new bars, seat work, battery tray and other mods. I will be adding pix. I am doing more sets of our famed Widowmaker apes.   They are being WELL received. Our custom bars are  made in house and can be shipped to your door.  If all goes well, there is another Widowmaker bike on the horizon. Hope everyone is staying warm in this cold January.  As always you can contact me at 336-364-8535 or via e-mail @ nitetrain74@earthlink.net.  Keep the shiny side up and the sticky side down.                                                                                                                                                             Thank you,                                                                                            Hank, Anne & Dawson                                                                                                                                                                                       January 4, 2010- Happy New Year. I hope that everyone had a great safe holiday season. Like always here, we are off to a great start to the new year. The V-Star bike is almost done. I just finished the pipes today. Killer new look. The Moto Guzzi is coming to the end of the fab stages. The trike is looking HOT.  It was the center piece of our float in the Bahama Christmas Parade with Santa riding proudly. And yes there will be pix coming. Also, we will be bringing you a new build. A pro street Sporty, drop seat with a springer front end. Keep posted and watch all the bikes as they come together.  Now for the big news, we are having a contest here at Widowmaker. We are always trying to come up with killer new shirt designs.  We are looking to our talented clients to design the Spring 2010 shirts.  Now is your chance to put your style on the face of a Widowmaker t-shirt. We want to know if you have what it takes to have your design on a Widowmaker t-shirt. We will select the best from all designs submitted. So send us your designs and hopefully your design will be the Widowmaker look for Spring 2010. You can email your designs to nitetrain74@earthlink.net, please put Shirt Design in the Subject; or mail them to Widowmaker CDR, 5582 Mt. Harmony Ch. Rd, Rougemont, NC 27572.  I look forward to seeing some creativity and kick-ass designs.                           That is all the time I have for now. As always if you have any question, wants or needs for your bike from tires and service to making a statement with your ride, drop me a line or give me a call. Remember to chop it all, keep the shiny side up and the sticky side down. Thank you for reading.                                                                           Thank you,

Hank, Anne & Dawson                                             

 November 24, 2009- Like always I would like to say thank you to everyone that has been following builds and ordering our new products. I do apologize for not getting the order page up like it should be. I am not a computer person. But it is coming. Like always email me or call with any questions.

Off to more exciting news, the Motto Guzzi and the trike are coming along very nicely. I have new pix of the Guzzi. So be sure to check it out. I will be adding more trike pix soon. Also we will be starting a new Sporty build. A pro street style with a built 1200 engine and a 200 tire with a springer front end. That is the plan at this time. It is hard to say exactly until the bike starts coming together. Either way it will be a killer ride. The V-Star custom will be coming together very soon. I just got everything back from powder coating. All I can say is “Dam”. Tom at Carolina Custom Powder Coating does amazing work. If you are in need, look him up. As for the next Widowmaker bike, it is waiting in the back ground. It will be coming soon.

That is all I have for now. As always thank you for reading and remeber keep it sticky side down, and ALWAYS chop it all.

Hank, Anne & Dawson

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  November 8th,2009- I would like to say congrats to Clint Carpenter. He recently purchased “Miss Conception”. I REALLY hated to see her go. That bike is truely one of my favorites. It was blast to ride, nothing but attitude. Above all it would flat ass fly. But anyhow, congrats Clint, I hope you enjoy the bike as much as I enjoyed building it.                                                                                                          Now down to business, the Guzzi and the trike are coming along well. I have only had a little time to make small changes. The intake on the trike is completely done. And it totally rocks. I will be adding pix. And as for the Guzzi, I just fabbed up the battery tray and installed it and installed the headlight. More exciting stuff coming soon. The shop has been slammed with business. Everything from tires to motor jobs. I am fixin’ to start my 3rd engine job in 2 weeks. I do have a new bike that will be added the gallery, it is a ‘07 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom. It is getting a facelift. Some one off bars & exhaust (Widowmaker style). New paint, and powder coat and alot off attitude. Keeep on the look out for it. I will be adding pix as the work progresses.

I am starting to do a line of  Widowmaker CDR handle bars. I have been selling them all over. The first 2 styles are featured on the Moto Guzzi and on the ‘07 Yamaha V-Star Custom. They are made of 1- 1/4”  tubing with 1” slugs for controls. And feature no risers. Mount directly to the top triple tree. They are offered raw or powdercoated. A set of 16” bars in raw form will cost $216.00. Powdercoating is $80.00 for gloss black. Other colors and handle bars heights will increase or decrease price. All depending on cost of material used. I will be adding other bar styles. Any of the bars that are featured on the site made by me can also be duplicated. Feel free to contact me for more info. I may be reached at 336-364-8535 or nitetrain74@earthlink.net . I am also taking orders for hoodies and always we have Widowmaker T-shirts and hats available. I will be happy to take any email or phone orders. We except Visa and Mastercard.

Got side tracked, I will be posting new pix. Please check them out, please contact us with any questions or needs that we may help. Thank you for reading. As always keep it sticky side down and rember to alwasy “Chop it all!”

Thank you,

Hank, Anne & Dawson                                                                                                                                                                                 October 15, 2009- Things are moving along well in the shop. I have made some more progress on the trike and on the Moto Guzzi. New ram air intake on the trike and a new set of  bars as well as lowering the front end 2” and relocating the battery on the Guzzi. Check out the pix. I believe you will enjoy them. I am very excited about both these builds. They both  have stirred up alot of interest as customers come through the shop. Stay tuned as the builds come together. If all goes well we will be starting a new Widowmaker bike in the near future. If any of you have any ideas that you would like to see on the next bike, please e-mail them to me. I always like to hear what people are looking forward to seeing.                                                                                On another note, I would like to apologize for not attending alot of the shows that alot of you normally see us at each year. We are still doing shows and ralleys, we have been trying to be wise as were and how we spend so that we may continue to stay strong and be here for years to come. You will be seeing more of as the months progress, we are focussing on local events and some state wide events for next season. As always we look forward to hearing from all of you. Keep the sticky side down and the shiny side up. As always “Chop It All!”                                                                                                                                  Thank you,                                                                                           Hank, Anne & Dawson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         September 30, 2009 - I just wanted let everyone to know to look at the killer new intake that I just made for the Suzuki trike. Make sure you check it out. Also check out the new Full Throttle North Carolina issue, it has an article about the Springer Softtail Custom in it. Thanks for reading. Have more progress for you all soon.                                                                                                                                            Hank Anne & Dawson                                                                                                                                                                            September 27,2009- Man what a great weekend. The newest build “Miss Conception” is done and took a first place yesterday at the Ray Price Rally in Raleigh. I worked on the bike all the way up until time to leave. Test rode it 2 miles, came back and rode it 45 miles to the show. Hung out with all the great people their, to include my beautiful wife Anne and my son Dawson. It drizzled rain off and on all day and of course after the awards it began to rain, ALOT. As you know I don’t do fenders or seats. “Miss Conception” brought me home in the pouring rain in style. The bike received rave reviews. Everyone loved the ratrod look and style and the attitude of the overall bike. The next two bikes to be getting ALOT more of my attention are the Moto Guzzi and the Suzuki Trike. Keep a follow on them. Keep posted for new pix and progress reports. As for “Miss Conception”, she could be yours. I built this bike to be a rider friendly bike, anyone can ride it. And it is no slouch. It sounds bad and has the power to back it up. If you are interested please give me a call or drop me a line.  Don’t forget to check out the new pix of her and of the Softtail Custom Springer.

As always I appreciate all of our followers and new comers. You can still purchase Widowmaker shirts and hats, we will be taking orders for work shirts and sweatshirts. Let me know and I will hook you up. And of course keep the sticky side down and chop it all!

Thank You,

Hank, Anne & Dawson                                                                                                                                                                       September 10, 2009  -As always thank you for following our work here. I have some new pix coming of the newest build “Miss Conception”. She is pure evil. I have been busy with normal work as well as taking time to create new stuff for your bikes. I have some cool new exhausts, handle bars and tank designs. I am getting back on the trike and the Moto Guzzi chop. As always as the work comes out so will the pix.                                                                                                  Down to business, we are hosting a great poker run this weekend  for Ruthie Vikken. She is suffering from breast cancer, and has no health insurance. As you all know I like help whenever I can. Between myself and several others from Full Throttle Magazine and the local CBA we are doing two rides and a party to help Ruthie. We have entertainment, mini bike races, raffles, door pizes, 50/50, beer chugging contest, and of course food and great people. Click on the link to the left and take a look at the flier, come join us. I look forward to seeing all of you that can make it. As for now I will be back SOON with new pix. It is time to burn some steel. As always, keep it sticky side down and shinny side up. Thank you reading.                                                    Hank, Anne & Dawson                                                                                                                                                                                  A


ugust 13,2009- I want to start by saying thank you to everyone for keeping up with what we are doing in the shop. It has been a CRAZY summer, so the builds have been slow. The new shop bike is coming along great. Hoping to have it on the road soon. I will be posting the pics. The bike will be call “Miss Conception”. I believe you all will enjoy it. 1200 Sporty engine, one off tank and bars and some crazy frame work, and no paint, just a rusty raw rat bike. For you ape hanger lovers, I have been doing my own run of one off apes. Sizes have been ranging from 11” to 24.5”. They are made of  1.25” o.d. tubing and and they are true Widowmaker style. I will post some pix soon. And pricing and fitment for your bikes.                        

Now down to business, we are doing another charity poker run on September 13th to benefit Ruthie Dabbs. She is suffering from cancer and as you all know I like to help those in need. So please stay posted to the site as info will be coming soon about the ride. So stay posted. I will also be posting more info of upcoming events that we will be attending. And as always we have your fix for Widowmaker shirts, hats and one off parts. Give me a call and I will hook you up.  

Talk to you again soon.

Thank you for reading and all your support.

Hank, Anne & Dawson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                July 24, 2009- Long time no info. Things in the shop are going great, new builds on the way. Just completed the custom springer softtail. All I can say is AMAZING! You can view it on the galleries page. The Moto Guzzi is moving on nicely and the new Widowmaker shop bike is coming close to completion! Long, low, lean and rusty raw. Pix are on the way. We are still trying to hammer out all of the kinks in the web site. So please be patient, I bend steel for a living.

This weekend the we will be in Zebulon NC at the Scootworks bike fest. We would like to see all you there. We will have our shirts, hats, thongs for sale and bikes to show.

Also check out the upcoming poker runs we sponsoring for some great causes. If you need any info about upcoming events, feel free to contact me at the shop. As always shirts and stuff are available for purchase over the phone.

Thank you for reading,

Hank, Anne & Dawson                                                                                                                                                                                                                    June 30,2009-  I would lke to start by saying thank you to everyone that came out and saw us at Locked and Loaded over the last two weekends. It was great to meet some new people and see some old. We were able to bring out the newest builds. A freshly finished custom springer softtail, rave reviews. The Ventto 250 chop, the new Widowmaker shop bike, as well some old favorites like Plan-B, Goldschool, and EmVee. They are always favorites of all who take them in. I have a bunch of exciting new event and bike build pixs on the way. Things have been busy so time has been limitted. Stay posted to the site for the pix and for up coming events. Thank you for reading and enjoy the updates. As always we are a equal opportunity shop. We work on all makes and models of bikes. We welcome all. Also our new shirt designs are for sale. At this time we are taking credit card orders over the phone or by email.  I look forward to hearing from you all.

Thank you,

Hank, Anne & Dawson                                                                                                                                                                                               June 7, 2009 - What a great turn out at the 2009 Butner Chicken Pickin’!  The weather was great, no where near as hot as last year with some intermittent clouds.  We carried four bikes this year.  The usuals, Gold School and Plan B.  Also, we carried the Vento project  and the new Widowmaker chopper, which Hank is back working on now that he has both arms back to normal (whatever normal is??)  It was great seeing everyone that stopped by the booth.  Be sure to check out the pics on the Event Pics page for the Bike Show Winner and Ladies Choice.  As always, there was tons to do and eat.  If you’ve never been - mark it on your calendar for next year!!  I can not wait for some more of those Ribbon Fries.  (Thanks Jerry!!)  Also, although the Granville County CBA did not win, they sold all of their plates.  There are some great chefs over there - we have been there for many feasts and always left stuffed!

Come see us at Lock N Loaded two weekends in June.  Jason is putting on two shows back to back - the 20th and the 27th.  That is always a great time.  We hope to see you there!!  Ride Safe!

Hank & Anne Thibodeau

May 20, 2009- First off, thank you to Triangle Cycles for hosting a great event. The weather was great and the people at Triangle cycles were extremely helpful. We carried the Vento 250 that I am chopping for them. They were blown away by the foot clutch with the jockey shift, forward controls and 17” custom made apes. We also carried the newly revamped Dirty Needle Suzuki, I just got done doing another seat, tank and exhaust. All can be seen on the galleries page. We also took the crowd favorite “Plan B”. They had live music, dyno shoot out, and free food. If you missed out plan to make it to there fall event.

We are steady rolling in the shop with new stuff coming in all the time. Now that my arm is steady healing, I am back to fabing and burning steel. We will keep you posted as to were we will be next. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

Thank You

Hank & Anne Thibodeau

May 3, 2009 - First and foremost - thank you to everyone for all your phone calls, food and overall concern for Hank after the accident.  We are most appreciative.  It shows what great friends we have.  Thanks to Patrick for helping out in Jacksonville and Brad for helping out in Butner.  And most of all to Jimmy Glenn for helping out in the shop and being Hank’s left arm for the past two weeks. 

Now that the gooey sentimental stuff is done with...

 What a great time we had yesterday at the Butner Car & Bike Show.  The weather held out and what a turn out!  It was amazing to see so many great cars and trucks in the show.  Next year, our challenge is to get as many entries in the Bike Show as they are in the Car Show.  There were lots of vendors and give aways.  The crew from Twisted Sixs was giving away t-shirts.  There was a karate demonstration that kept Dawson enthralled for thirty minutes.  Champs Tire in Creedmoor did an awesome job with the show and we were excited to be a part of the show.  Next Saturday, we will be at Triangle Cycles Open House in Durham.  See link to flyer on the events page.  We are not sure about our attendance at the Smoke Out yet.  The jury is still out based on Hank’s arm.  Even still, you should go and check it out.  It is usually a great show.  And it will be in Rockingham this year! See events page for link to web site.  We are working on getting the merchandise on the web site.  We have some awesome new shirt designs.  Check it out.  Soon we will be accepting Paypal and shipping shirts ordered online. 

Keep the shiny side up!!

Anne & Hank Thibodeau

April 21st 2009. I would like to say thank to everyone that attended the poker run. It was a great success. We raised nearly $1100.00 for the Shriners Children hospital. We gave away 50 gift bags from MIMS distributing and Long Beverage, 2 VIP passes to down live from Deep South entertainment,2 Samual Adams Jackets From MIMS. 2 coolers from Long Beverage, 3 different grilles from the Shriners lodge. T-shirts donated by Firehead Sports, as well as engraved Widowmaker beer mugs, and that is only half. Thank you to Tiny at Crazyshots, Texas Roadhouse, Randy’s bar & grille, Munching Marvins, and the good people of the Shriners lodge, AMRAN bike club and the Masons for all of their hard work.

Now for next weekend at the Carolina Bike Rally. We will be there showing bikes, looking forward to meeting new people and selling our new shirt designs. We’re here whenever you need us to take care of all your bike needs. Thank for reading, and as I promised I will keep bringing the bikes coming to the site. So keep checking back with us.

Thank you, Hank & Anne Thibodeau

April 18, 2009.  Spring has sprung and boy do I have the fever to ride.  Come join us Sunday, April 19th, as Widowmaker begins the season with a Poker Run to raise money for the Shriner’s Hospital for Children Registration begins at 12:00 at Crazy Shots in Hillsborough.  Ride leaves at 1:00 headed to Texas Roadhouse in Durham, then on to Randy’s in Butner, Munchy Marvin’s in Berea with the final stop at the Shriners lodge in Oxford.  White Knuckle Trucker will provide the music and the Shriners will provide the dinner.  As before, there will be a gracious number of door prizes, silent auction items and; of course, the traditional beer chugging contest.  Best Hand pays, Worst Hand gets reimbursed their entry fee.  Firehead Sports has once again donated ride  t-shirts.  Big thank you to Matt for working on Saturday to get those done in your busy season!!  Hope to see everyone there.  Let’s Ride!!!!

Hank & Anne Thibodeau

March 7, 2009.  Well everybody I have been talking about it and we finally got the new site up and running. It has been a long time coming but I feel it is worth the wait. We will be adding new photo galleries soon! I have a pile of new stuff to put on here. And as you can see we will be selling our shirts, hats and custom parts on the merchandise page. So keep checking back as the updates will be coming more frequently now. Please feel free to e-mail us any feedback on the new site. Thank you for reading and look forward to meeting some of you at our up coming events.

Hank Thibodeau


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