09 Butner Chicken Pickin

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What a great turn out at the 2009 Butner Chicken Pickin’!  The weather was great, no where near as hot as last year with some intermittent clouds.  We carried four bikes this year.  The usuals, Gold School and Plan B.  Also, we carried the Vento project  and the new Widowmaker chopper, which Hank is back working on now that he has both arms back to normal (whatever normal is??)  It was great seeing everyone that stopped by the booth.  Be sure to check out the pics on the Event Pics page for the Bike Show Winner and Ladies Choice.  As always, there was tons to do and eat.  If you’ve never been – mark it on your calendar for next year!!  I can not wait for some more of those Ribbon Fries.  (Thanks Jerry!!)  Also, although the Granville County CBA did not win, they sold all of their plates.  There are some great chefs over there – we have been there for many feasts and always left stuffed!

Come see us at Lock N Loaded two weekends in June.  Jason is putting on two shows back to back – the 20th and the 27th.  That is always a great time.  We hope to see you there!!  Ride Safe!

Hank & Anne Thibodeau