2015 Charity bike give away update

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The 1st ever Widowmaker Charity bike is coming along nicely!

150223 v2 150223

We are donating the proceeds to five families in need… the first two have already been identified.  These recipients are just babies. One is awaiting a heart transplant and the other is dealing with chronic ongoing heart and respiratory problems.  Check out our events page on Facebook for more details.

The bike has a killer look to say the least. I will be posting new pictures of the ride from time to time. We have sold nearly 300 tickets thus far.  If you haven’t already purchased your tickets please visit our charity bike page and send in a request.  We are a long ways from our goal.

We will be taking the 2015 Charity Bike to all the events we can so you can see this beast up close.  You could be the proud owner, but only if you buy a ticket. Even if this baby doesn’t land in your garage, you will be helping some kids and their families who are in serious need of help.

Until next time, remember keep the sticky side down and above all “Chop it ALL”!