7th Annual Charity Poker Run

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Want to start by saying thank you to all that participated in our 7th Annual Charity poker run for Kailey Eaton and Meghan Bunn. We raised a total of $5447. To date this is the most we have raised in a single day. Thank you to all of our sponsors and riders, the money is very is very appreciated by the families.

Off to shop business. We just established a new dealership with Jim Nasi Customs. You will be able to contact us for even more of your custom bike part needs.

As for projects in the shop, the hot rod Road King is coming along nicely. Now that things have slowed a bit I can focus more on it. The bike looks amazing. I will be posting a page of this bike. All goes as planned we will be putting one of our new style intakes on this bike, I am still offering the popular Force Feedin’ intake. This is just a step up from it, with a little more attitude.

The Suzuki Trike is still ongoing. As things move forward I will be sure to post it.

The ‘98 Fatboy revamp is looking really good, and sure to be a show winner with some nice clean evil lines as well as a several Widowmaker products.

Unfortunately that is all I have time for right now. Parts to make and bikes to fix. Remember to chop it all and keep the sticky side down.

Thank you for reading.

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