Force Feedin Air Cleaner Kit

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Would like to start by apologizing for the slow updates. We have been have some serious issues with the website software, which we are going to change. So, yes that will mean a new look for us and hopefully a easier way to keep you posted of the latest of what is happening here and how we can serve you. With all that being said, you can still keep up with or contact us on Facebook or email, and as always I am never to busy to take your calls.

Off the shop business. A lot has been happening in the shop. Everything from bike builds to new part designs. The “Force Feedin’” air cleaner kit has been a great success and has also been redesigned more a better look and performance, as well as greater range of fit to several bikes. And they are still only $270 gloss black. All other colors are available upon request and price may vary depending on color. Working on a chrome version, I will keep you posted of cost.

There is so much to share with you, but not enough time. I have to get back in the shop. In the near future we will be making some changes to also include a much needed purchase page. In mean time, stay safe and keep the sticky side down and above all remember to “CHOP IT ALL”.

Thanks for reading.

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