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I want to start by saying thank you to everyone for keeping up with what we are doing in the shop. It has been a CRAZY summer, so the builds have been slow. The new shop bike is coming along great. Hoping to have it on the road soon. I will be posting the pics. The bike will be call “Miss Conception”. I believe you all will enjoy it. 1200 Sporty engine, one off tank and bars and some crazy frame work, and no paint, just a rusty raw rat bike. For you ape hanger lovers, I have been doing my own run of one off apes. Sizes have been ranging from 11” to 24.5”. They are made of  1.25” o.d. tubing and and they are true Widowmaker style. I will post some pix soon. And pricing and fitment for your bikes.

Now down to business, we are doing another charity poker run on September 13th to benefit Ruthie Dabbs. She is suffering from cancer and as you all know I like to help those in need. So please stay posted to the site as info will be coming soon about the ride. So stay posted. I will also be posting more info of upcoming events that we will be attending. And as always we have your fix for Widowmaker shirts, hats and one off parts. Give me a call and I will hook you up.

Talk to you again soon.
Thank you for reading and all your support.

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