We believe routine maintenance is the single most critical work to be done on your bike. It should be done by a experienced mechanic. Not someone fresh out of school. Reason being is that it is not just changing oil and a filter, it is going over the entire bike. Making sure it is safe. If we find areas that need additional care we bring that to the customer’s attention.  We perform a 50 point inspection on each service. That way we know that when the bike leaves the shop it is safe to ride.

If your bike has been involved in an accident bring it to Widowmaker for the repairs. We do a lot of wrecked bikes and are well versed in determining if it is cost effective to repair and it will be safe to operate once repairs are complete. We tell our customers not look at it as an accident but an opportunity. If there’s something you didn’t necessarily like with your machine, now is a chance to make it better than it was.

Our philosophy on all repairs is to under promise and over deliver. We do our best to give people the best product possible, no matter the overall value of their bike… or the make.

We provide routine maintenance for nearly all motorcycle manufacturers and do not discriminate against any rider, regardless of make, model or year of the bike.  We are well qualified to perform work on your motorcycle whether it is a standard American made Harley-Davidson, “Metric” or foreign made  (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc.) or a custom bike from another shop.  All motorcycles are welcome.Widowmaker Custom Design and Repair

All services performed by Widowmaker Custom Design and Repair are rendered at the flat rate of $45.00 per hour*.

For a complete estimate give us a call or complete the Service Request Form below. 


    *tires are replaced at a rate of $45.00 per wheel (plus tire cost) excluding some touring models (GoldWings, Ventures, etc…)

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