Hank Thilbodeau has been a professional mechanic for nearly 20 years.  He started out as a master diesel technician for 8 years prior to opening his own shop in Rougemont North Carolina.

Hank attended UTI earning an associates degree in applied science, which gave me a firm knowledge base, from then on he has learned by making things happen.  Life long learning is a basic tenet attending welding seminars, expo’s, advanced training classes and the good ole’ school of hard knocks. Hank says, “I am a mechanic, not a technician. The difference is that I pride myself in having the ability to look at things and able to figure them out, even if it is something I have never worked on before.”  He sets very high standard for himself as to how something should be done and then he gets it done.  ‘The long and the short of it,” said Hank, “I am very anal about what I do. It HAS to be a certain way, whether it was right or not when it came in my shop it will leave right.”